A public health blog!

Here we are.

After promising a blog for a long long time, I’ve finally found the motivation (and time…) to metaphorically put pen to paper. I’m sitting at Euston Station after an excellent week spent on a Summer School at UCL, and writing whilst waiting 3 hours for my train home to Coventry; essentially so  my rail ticket is £7.50 instead of £75. That in itself gives you an idea why the majority of the UK population travel by car rather than public transport. Thankfully the rail delivery group (RDG) has announced an overhaul of rail tickets, which should make it easier to buy the cheapest an most suitable journeys. Unfortunately the pilot doesn’t start with the Coventry to London route so it will be a while before I receive benefit from the changes. But it’s a step in the right direction.

I’ve been encouraged to write a blog at the Summer School and I’ll be blogging about my research on public health and the built environment, and also contemporary public health issues which crop up in the news. Enjoy reading my musings and let me know what you  think.

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